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Decades of combined work Experience

Decades of combined work Experience

At R2, we bring together R Strategy and R Design to help find innovative solutions that help you leverage your B2B brand and increase your ROI. Our goal is to partner with you beyond your marketing needs to help you build your business and visual story with a product you will love (and we have the talent to do it). We function as an extension of your team, focusing on first-rate, consistent, and branded design and content with an ability to scale our efforts based on your business needs.

Every project at R2 involves at least 3 decades of experience

What Sets Us Apart

The landscape in today’s fast paced digital world is very different than it was 10 years ago. There is greater competition, everything is 100% trackable, and people want instant results. Companies no longer need to overpay to work with traditional advertising agencies who provide less than stellar service. At R2 you will only work with senior level executives, who have deep knowledge and experience in the industry. We also do not have a maximum amount of design revisions. We believe in what we do, the product that we deliver and we are certain we can make you happy.

How We Work

Through brainstorming and collaboration, R2 gains a detailed understanding of not only your business, but your audience’s disposition. We focus on brand strategy and next-generation message delivery between our clients and their target audience. Through our use of online and offline media, we execute dynamic marketing campaigns that engage audiences as they educate, inspire and communicate our clients’ core strategic messages. The result is a product that speaks to your customers in a way they can understand. We know how to use visual content in a way to help grow your brand. If you’re looking to use visual storytelling in your marketing campaign, give us a call and we’ll explain our process and help you come up with ideas that are perfectly suited for your company.


Our talent is the best and most experienced you will find in the industry. They’ve held senior positions in creative, strategy, marketing, sales and programming for major agencies and corporations across the globe. Now, they bring their genius and experience to your project. Every project that comes to R2 has at least 2 senior members involved on a daily basis. We do not rely on interns and other junior level executives to make critical decisions about your brand. When you work with R2 you can be certain that we match you with the personnel who suits your needs and has applicable expertise.

Our Team