How does your color palette reflect your brand?

How does your color palette reflect your brand?

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I have thought about what the first blog post on the R2 Creative Group website should be about, and I think color is a great place to start.

Color is something we learn early in our lives. We first learn our colors when we are in preschool… We automatically associate red with “stop” and green with “go”. But as we mature, what does nature teach us about color meaning? What do certain colors really mean? And what do combinations of colors say about a brand?

Let’s start with the basics of color theory.


Red: Danger and attention are the most common color associations. However, red can also imply tasty when in a used in a restaurant setting.
Orange: A very friendly color that implies confidence and courage. It can also mean fun and optimism. We see orange used in so many brands ranging from soda to gas to TV.
Yellow: We most often associate this color with happiness, positivity and joy. It inspires thoughts of sunshine and surprise. We see it used in electronic brands and food labels.
Green: Usually associated with nature and being environmentally friendly, green is a very positive color in that it inspires feelings of freshness and health. We see it used in health, food and environmental related brands.
Navy: Secure, confident and classy, Navy is traditionally used in more corporate logos design. It implies strength and trust.
Turquoise: Refreshing, calm and feminine, turquoise can often imply refreshing and summer. It can also mean happy and sophisticated. It is used in brands like– R2 Creative Group 🙂 Also, ice cream and clothing.
Purple: Often associated with royalty and wealth, purple often means wise and imaginative. It is hard to associate purple with one category as it is used in so many industries, typically indicating a high-end brand.
Pink: Usually indicates playful and exciting. We often see it used in toys brands and other fun categories.

Now that we have established what individual colors mean. What happens when we start to combine colors?

There are endless options for  web and brand color palettes, so let’s focus on some fun color combos we are seeing for Spring 2020.

Fresh & Fun Palette

A New Take on Masculine Palette

Modern Corporate Palette

Modern Eco Palette

Secure & Savory Palette

These colors all make you “feel” a certain way when used together. Your decisions on the colors you use for your brand are important and have meaning. Reach out to R2 Creative Group if you would like to talk about your brand colors. We can help you design with intention and speak to your target audience.