Marketing during COVID-19

Marketing during COVID-19

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What does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) means for your brand and how will it impact you once we get out of this crazy mess. Every action you take will have an effect on your future brand. So let’s start with some basics:

  1. Do not try and take advantage of people while they are scared. What you do and say during this period will have long term effects.
  2. This is a time to show your brand’s “true colors”. People will remember how you handled yourself and if you helped, hurt or ignored the situation.
  3. While it may be a quiet time work-wise, and you are not making as much money, you can use any extra time to try and help people in need.

Now here are some tips on messaging:

  1. Sensitivity is key; it is better to take a serious tone than one with jokes or wit.
  2. Try to stay positive, inspirational, and helpful tone. 
  3. Check for insensitivity in your language.
  4. Think about how you can help vs how you can convert.
  5. Change your existing offers. Make them relevant to the current situation. Try to make things feel less urgent.
  6. Make sure you stay relevant. Keeping up with the most current news is important.
  7. Maintain your content and grammar standards. Do not rush to put out new content.

Good luck to everyone, their families and companies during this crazy time.