R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Web Design

Rebrand Global Wipes Manufacturer


Anthem is a comprehensive B2B supplier with existing clients range from large, established organizations who only need reliable and affordable manufacturing and packaging solutions to newcomers to the beauty scene who seek a turn-key solution.

Goal: Create a new brand, website and strategy for Anthem rebranding them from Disposable Hygiene (DH) (a New Jersey based manufacturer of wipes) to Anthem (focused more on beauty).

R2 Approach: R2 created a comprehensive logo, website and brand strategy that highlighted Anthem’s strong library of skin care, hair care, and body care serums through research and innovation. R2 also focused their extensive selection of innovative and creative packaging solutions, allowing clients to create comprehensive and unique product solutions which can be conceptualized and manufactured in house.

Outcome: R2 used Anthem’s website and SEO strategy to showcase their turnkey solutions. We also focused on their products as “made in the US” for consumers who prefer domestically sourced and manufactured beauty products.

As Anthem looked to upgrade its marketing approach and launch its brand under the new company name, the team needed to maintain the strong reputation it developed while also highlighting additional strengths that clients were not  aware of. In order to do this, the new Anthem website highlighted the following:

  • Anthem is as an agile partner that offers a turnkey solution to produce effective products.
  • Anthem has a highly trained staff and state of the art tools, which translate into industry leading timelines from conception to delivery. 
  • In-house expertise around both the chemistry behind the products and the manufacturing and packaging of beauty products allows Anthem to be flexible and innovative in response to client needs.
  • Anthem prides itself on its transparency and honesty as it pertains to the quality of its products in terms of both the ingredients it sources and the effectiveness of their formulations.

R2 showed that Anthem is a value driven organization highlighting the breadth of solutions they are able to offer their clients.