Binswanger Commercial Real Estate

R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Web Design

Brokerage and Advisory Firm that needed a new, strong brand identity, and full web overhaul.

Goal: Binswanger needed a new strong brand identity, not only to drive a clear and consistent marketing strategy but more importantly to present the team and the organization as different and better than its competition. As a multi-generational organization that has established a global presence and reputation, it was necessary for R2 Creative Group to incorporate the existing brand elements that are part of the old identity, but looking forward and bearing in mind both the evolution of the business and the strategic vision of the organization, the strategy needs to revolve around the strength, diversity, and experience of its people. 

R2 Approach: R2 chose to focus on the organization’s real strength–its people. Given the crowded nature of the broker and advisory services business, an approach that focused on the team offered an opportunity to differentiate Binswanger by highlighting the incredible asset those people are to all clients across all services.

Outcome: R2 highlights diverse, highly skilled, and collaborative team in-house with access to an international network of experts, which allows for a customized approach for every project, it is clear that the offering to the client is both unique and unparalleled.

The website highlights the highly qualified and experienced individuals who work collaboratively across the organization to deliver creative and customized solutions for each client. R2 shows how the Binswanger brings together people who know what they are talking about, work well together, and get things. This SWAT team approach to solving problems allows us to successfully tackle just about any problem for any client. R2 focuses on delivering results to clients beyond just real estate transactions, including advising and adding value on the best strategy and use of your real estate portfolio to help you meet your strategic goals.