Bluebird Lending

R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Print Design, Branding, Develop Intranet

Develop a Real Estate and Lending brand and drive new bussiness leads

Bluebird Companies is an umbrella brand which began as a real estate development firm and continues to acquire and develop properties in the area while continuously growing their lending business.

Goal: Create an Umbrella brand that highlights both the lending arm and real estate arm of the Blue Bird Brand. Develop a website and platform that assesses investment opportunities and assists borrowers throughout the term of the loan. 

R2 Approach: The Bluebird Lending website and brand strategy was designed to speak to investors and borrowers. The messaging focuses on confirming Bluebird’s legitimacy and presence as a reputable, thoughtful, and resource backed lender with a concrete foundation and proven business model.

Outcome: The website is the main portal through which Bluebird generates opportunities to deploy loans. Hard money lending, as it is generally (although not always favorably) called, is a commodity business . R2 identified and demonstrated the Blue Bird value in order to capture and convert borrowers while collecting basic information about loan types and loan terms. When visiting the site, borrowers feel informed about the types of loans that are offered and the terms of those loans, and appreciate that Bluebird will be a PARTNER in their project.

  • The website gathers lead generation efforts. This can come in the form of a questionnaire/form, a tool that provides custom insights for the borrower (interest rate, payoff amount calculator), etc. 
  • Once a borrower has been vetted and approved, and the loan has been disbursed, that borrower needs access to account information throughout the duration of the term. Bluebird offers access to that information through a portal that is powered by a 3rd party iframe.