Cachet Boutique NYC

R2 Involvement: Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Print Design, Digital Execution

Launch Asian Boutique Hotel Brand in NYC

Goal: R2 launched the marketing campaign and website for Cachet Boutique NYC, debuting the first property located in the United States by Cachet Hospitality Group. The brand currently has 14 properties throughout Asia including Shanghai, Bangkok, Chengdu.

R2 Approach: Cachet trusted R2 to embrace their brand, transforming what was once embedded in Asian culture to something that Americans (New Yorkers) would embrace and enjoy.

Approach: R2 followed established brand guidelines, while morphing the brand into a truly New York Cosmopolitan experience.

  • Designed marketing materials that matched global branding guidelines
  • Created and launched various email campaigns announcing the launch of the hotel
  • Executed a beautiful booking website that the brand now uses across all their properties

We also helped launch their new on site restaurant, Eden, designing menus, website, and various other marketing materials.