R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Print Design, Digital Execution

Rebrand a 65-year-old company in a market a quickly evolving industry


Fowler Laundry Solutions is a 3rd generation, NJ based provider of laundry equipment and service to clients. With about 15,000 machines in service and 2,000 machines stored in three different facilities and ready to be deployed, Fowler has established itself as a well-known, reliable option laundry service.

Goal: R2 was enlisted to help identify the ways in which Fowler Laundry Solutions can differentiate itself within the marketplace and strength its brand to remain competitive into the future. The laundry service industry evolved due to many factors, often times linked to real estate trends and technology.  Fowler needed to show that they evolved in the market place as the third generation of Fowlers prepares to take the helm.

R2 Approach: R2 focused on Fowler’s high quality service and minimal downtime. We showed decision makers, servicers, and end users why to choose Fowler based on their dependency and value (not price). R2 was able to capitalize on the existing brand perception and leverage newly developed differentiating factors to make Fowler stand out amongst its competitors and raise awareness of their brand. 

Outcome: R2 focuses on the main reasons why clients change vendors–frustration over end-user complaints. Fowler has focused on the many ways in which downtime is minimized so that complaints are also minimized. In order to do this, R2 build capabilities within the website to:

  • Provide“Click to text” and Chat capabilities for when machines inevitably have a problem, resulting in faster response times for service.
  • Implemented the “Fowler replacement guarantee” that provides a replacement machine when a non-functioning machine cannot be repaired in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Highlighted the laundry room design through imagery so users understand that Fowler improves the laundry experience through better design and installation.