R2 Involvement: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Digital Execution

Clean website design to create lead generation funnel

Website: planningcapital.com

Goal: R2 was tasked to create a website that would  gain traction and leads for Planning Capital Management. Their vision was to be recognized as the premier independent wealth management firm in Philadelphia and position themselves as the most important contact when it comes to client’s questions about money. The website had to include the following:

  • Lead generation: Create multiple ways to get leads throughout the website
  • Client education: Show potential clients what makes Planning Capital different than other firms as it applies to fees, philosophy and technology
  • Relevance: Focus on business value such as revenue growth and margin, and how it relates to purpose, values, or vision for a potential client

    We wanted the user to understand that while most people think financial plans are about investments, really, they’re about people. This concept needed to be clearly demonstrated in both the copy and design of the website.

    R2 Approach: R2 Creative Group saw that Planning Capital Management’s largest point of distinction was in their fee structure in that it is both percentage and fee based, making it more cost effective for large investors. We chose to highlight this along with Planning Capital’s vision, a typical client process and how they manage money to create clear concise language and designs. We ultimately created a website that is:

    • Easy to use and find what you are looking for through the top-line navigation
    • Speaks to a variety of clients and their specific questions and scenarios around money
    • Clearly explain the planning process for a variety of client types

    R2 Creative Group used a line and ink style of illustration mixed with water color that stands out among other financial firms while not excluding any race, color, gender, etc. The main image on the homepage indicates the value proposition with a man climbing a mountain indicating financial success.

    We used testimonials from the owners throughout the website to establish industry expertise. We also highlighted blog posts on all the service pages showing deep knowledge on the topics while creating a strong linking strategy. 

    R2 Creative also built a fee calculator to drive home the point about the unique fee structure that also help generate leads.