Riggs Distler

R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Print Design, Branding, Develop Intranet

Rebrand a century old company 


The purpose of the Riggs Distler website and target audience is that it needs to serve both client facing needs and talent recruitment needs, and those needs are of equal importance to the continued success and growth of the organization. While some of the messaging is similar for both target audiences, there are important differences that need to be incorporated appropriately.

Goal: Demonstrate credibility, experience, and core competencies for the purpose of new RFPs

R2 Approach: Through highlighting completed projects across clients and industries, clients who are seeking to initially vet RD will find comfort in seeing successful projects through imagery of both the scope of projects and the scope of work that RD offers. Jobseekers will also capture RD’s breadth of opportunity and diversity of projects and clients through this approach.

Outcome: The website therefore plays less of a sales role and mostly validates RD’s existing clients and competencies. When seeking new clients for capital projects, RD relies heavily on an outbound sales process where they must pitch and present themselves. The bulk of the process happens in person, but the website is an integral part of the clients’ vetting process prior to agreeing to a face-to-face meeting.

On the talent seeking front, the website provides job seekers and potential talent with a summary of job opportunities and along with the differentiating features that make RD a desirable place to work.