R2 Involvement: Marketing Strategy, Web Design

Design a State-of-the-Art Website with Edgy and Unique Features


Fastrack Construction needed a website which accurately reflects Fastrack’s services, value proposition and project portfolio.

Goal: The purpose of the new site is verification. It needs to validate Fastrack as strong and successful construction company. It doesn’t need to attract new business.

R2 Approach: R2 focused on the Fastrack’s target audience of Building owners, Investment funds and Developers highlighting capabilities to complete a project efficiently and with high quality. We had to focus on the various projects around the Northeast and the vast variety of project types (ex. 100 apt. building, 300 apt. building, mixed use, hotels, office headquarters, renovations, historic renovations, ground up, replaced facade ). R2 also showcases amenity details, LEED, panelized, historic showing what makes Fastrack different than its competitors.

Outcome: R2 was able to show Fastracks ability to manage all trades throughout the whole design process; working with architects and engineers, consultants from start of initial design process to add value engineering, understand each other, work closely together. Our goal was to examine this advanced skillset & high trust factor with a high level of problem solving. The website speaks to the following:

    R2 was able to show a web user Fastracks ability to do design-build construction, value engineering, panelization and LEED certification through imagery, text and an abundant image gallery.