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Another article talking about COVID-19? REALLY?! It is such a strange time... how should we be reacting and how should we be talking about our companies during this pandemic? Just because the economy is basically at a standstill, does not mean people have stopped trying to promote themselves, their companies goods and services. If you sit back and observe what brands are doing, we can evaluate what is working and what is just downright annoying. Pushing too hard is not appropriate right now. Companies need to consider a "softer touch". How their company can do good now in order to have a positive view after the end of quarantine. Here are a few companies that we have encountered over the past few weeks that are really doing a great job by helping to better the community. They are doing their part during this pandemic and we intend to support them any way we know how. Make your business relevant by helping people: My Friends at XtraChef, a digital invoice and order management fo...
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