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Branding & Visual Identity capturing your personality

Branding & Visual Identity capturing your personality

R2 will help you develop your identity and present your core competencies in a visual way. Our goal is to build a brand that represents and showcases your business across all mediums. Your brand is your company’s identity and how you showcase it to the world. The goal at R2 is to embrace your true identity and highlight that in a visual way.

Your Visual Identity Tells Your Story

R2 will help you create a visual identity that you can feel proud to share to the world about your company. Ultimately, consumers will associate the your company with these designed elements:

  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Typography
  • Imagery Styles
  • Brand’s voice

R2 will allow you to differentiate yourself from competitors while embracing consistently designed communication tools. We will help establish graphic standards to maintain a “look and feel” that you can and will be proud of.

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