R2 Involvement: Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Branding, Web Design, Digital Execution

Rebrand a century old Real Estate Development Firm


Goal: The team at Frankel believed that its continued success lies in promoting the achievements it has accomplished through generations of real estate development. To augment the company’s development initiatives, Frankel launched and now manages several different ancillary services that support their development efforts. While those services aren’t intended to stand alone they must be highlighted on the new website and show consumers how it is beneficial to them.

R2 Approach: R2 made it so the website allowed the team to define their brand and tell their story, which was a critical component of their ongoing success. R2 was tasked with developing a messaging strategy and a custom website that will provide a comprehensive overview of Frankel’s impressive history and track record.

Outcome: R2 highlights Frankel’s ongoing success and the ability to weather real estate cycles, act in response to market drivers, diversify its experience and expertise to adapt to the market. 

The website and branding highlight Frankel’s long history in Philadelphia and Jupiter where the team has developed in depth knowledge and strong relationships. Staying local provides a level of attention and control that generally makes investors feel more comfortable about their engagement.