B2B vs B2C Marketing Strategy: Why is it so different and important to understand?

B2B vs B2C Marketing Strategy: Why is it so different and important to understand?

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While many agencies fancy themselves as “jack of all trade”, this is often not the case. Especially as it applies understanding B2B (Business to Business) vs B2C (Business to Consumer) advertising and the implications of how you speak to your audience.

The largest differentiator in B2B vs B2C for marketing is target audience, which in turn, reflects on the brand perception and key messaging to the different audiences. While B2C typically speaks to one audience (consumers), B2B can get very complicated in their list of who we are speaking to and what we want to say to them.

A great example of this is our client, Fowler Laundry Solutions. They have 3 very distinct and  important audiences, all with different perspective and require messaging that involves understanding the needs and perspectives of three distinct groups of people:

  1. The decision maker, i.e. those who sign the contract
  2. The servicer, i.e. those who manage the laundry rooms and its end-users
  3. The end-user. i.e. those doing the laundry and using the machines

Their website needed to reflect the consideration of all 3 of these groups while maintaining one key message that applies to all of them. This can be a complicated process and often gets overlooked in the brand building process. Each group is concerned about different things and the copy and visuals need to reflect this:

  1. The decision maker: They are highly motivated by the financial impact of the contract, whether it be from a cost cutting or revenue generating perspective.
  2. The servicer: They motivated by dependable service and will recommend a change to the service provider if downtime is excessive or persistent.
  3. The end-user: This audience is the easiest to define – they are the residents or students who use the machines. The baseline level of satisfaction is a functional laundry room and will complain if machines are down or unreliable.

When looking at B2C, we are only looking at an end-user, while B2B, we are looking at everything in between. This is the key in understanding how to set-up B2B companies for success.

At R2 Creative Group, we believe that one of the most important parts of any website or brand strategy, is getting to know our clients, understanding what they do, who they are talking to, and what makes them different from their competitors. We then take that information and build it into their designs, brand strategy, visual identity, and custom website design.