The Role your Your Creative Brief plays in your Design Strategy

    The Role your Your Creative Brief plays in your Design Strategy

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      When R2 Creative Group builds any website or is tasked to a design project, we must put together a creative brief. The creative brief serves as a document of communication between the client and agency and servers as your “brand bible”. Throughout the creative process, there will be many people who are involved in building your campaign or website (copywriters, designers, account managers, programmers, etc.). The goal is to put together a document so that there is no confusion for anyone involved on the plans and goals set forth.  This document will keep the creative team on course.

      Every creative brief we build answers the following questions:

      1. What is the background/situation that we are in?
      2. What is the objective of new campaign?
      3. Who is/are the target audience(s)?
      4. What is the current brand perception?
      5. What is the desired brand perception
      6. What are the 4-6 key messages?

      Then we break down the following:

      1. Attributes of the brand
      2. Benefits of the brand
      3. Claims (if any)
      4. Tone/personality of the brand
      5. Key words & images that the brand associates with itself

      When the client signs off on the brief, it gives the creative team the green light to start design development. Every team member who is involved in the project will have the opportunity to review the brief to make sure they stay on course.

      R2 Creative typically has a meeting where we gathered all key decision makers for a one-day workshop to help answer these questions. (Often times sales people will have different options than CEO’s and CFO’s.) That is why is important to get all key members thoughts as they pertains to audience and desired messages to those people. Ultimately, all this information goes into a brief and allows us to understand and and build your creative strategy. Do you need help in understanding your brand and it’s direction? Let us help.